The Residential Sector is active in Cyprus with the main reason being the local tradition of owner – occupation. In addition demand is enhanced by non-Cypriots for a holiday or retirement home.

We can begin the filtering of available properties to match your needs. Basic initial parameters would be:

Location: An exact, named location is not necessarily required. The preferable Town/District and a general description such as “within walking distance to the beach, or the Town Centre”, “near an International School” would suffice.

Building: The preferred type of building such as “detached house”, “apartment”, “sea front villa” and a brief description of the preferred style and age.

Budget: The budget available is a very important parameter that we must know before the filtering. Do not worry though, we ensure you that properties which meet your criteria and are below your budget will be the first to be presented to you.

Whether you are interested to buy a small shop unit or an office building we are here not only to show you a property for sale but also to assist you in the right decision making on the locality preferable for your business.

We have a large database of agricultural fields for sale.

You do not need to be a farmer to have an interest in buying agricultural land. The right property can (a) have capital appreciation, (b) be used as an orchard or garden, (c) be used as an open storage area and (d) might be developed with various uses (depending on the Local Plan).

We have a variety of industrial properties for sale. Vacant industrial land, storage buildings, heavy and light industrial units. We need to know the type and size of the required unit and the use intended to assist us in the database filtering.

Interested in buying a hotel, a petrol station, a restaurant, a cinema?

Contact us and provide us with some details. We are happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.